My most recent book, published in Norwegian, is an edited collection called Tjenestedemokratiet. Velferdsstaten som arena for deltagelse, which translates as The Service Democracy. The Welfare State as a Participatory Arena. The book originates from a cross-disciplinary research project that my postdoc was part of. Here, a team of researchers from sociology, political sciences and media studies investigate how people participate in democracy through their engagement with welfare services, and how the services respond to new forms of responses from users and citizens.

The book is edited by Dag Arne Christensen, Tord Skogedal Lindén, Jacob Aars and myself. In addition to introductory and closing chapters written by the editors, I have one chapter on welfare debate in social media and one chapter, with Helle Sjøvaag, reporting findings from a survey on opinion formation regarding journalism and welfare services.